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Teagans Used Panties Lead To Fun

Sometimes the story that comes with the episode says more than I can:

Voodoo had spent the night over her with his girlfriend who happens to be roommates with her 18 year old sister named Teagan. After waking up in the morning and getting ready to start his day, he stopped by to tell Teagan he was going to leave and to make sure she locked up after him but she was not in her room. He saw her messy room and a pair of her dirty panties caught his eye. It turned him on so much he started sniffing them like the perv he is. Teagan caught him mid sniff and immediately got upset. Voodoo begged and pleaded to keep it a secret and Teagan told him the only way she would keep it a secret is if Voodoo can make her cum. Oh the humanity. Voodoo is a lucky bastard and got the best penance for such a heinous act

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