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Vanessa Catches Her Sisters Boyfriend with a Boner

This is a classic Reality Kings style scene, a truly hot piece. Vanessa is an 18 year old cutie with an older sister. Sister is at home alone with her boyfriend, and they are fucking up a storm (and yes, you get to see them go for it too!). Well, she gets a text message from a friend in distress, she stops the action mid-fuck, and tells her boyfriend to stay there while she heads out to help her friend. Well, Vanessa gets home from school, goes looking for her sister, and instead finds her boyfriend on her sisters bed with a raging hard-on. He tries to hide it, but Vanessa wants to see, wants to play with it, wants to give him a hand job, wants suck on it for a while and finally wants it jammed deep into her juicy teen twat. A great hot fuck, that is for sure, Vanessa has a really hot body (I love her nipples!), and she takes that facial cumshot like she loves the man goo!

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