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Wild Pure18 Teen Ballerina Threeway

Now this is a fantasy that I can get into. Pure18 scores a wild scene with not one but two sexy teen ballerinas, who aren’t so much into dancing on their toes as much as doing the horizontal mambo. These girls are all over each other in a quiet back room, when our intrepid lucky dude stumbles upon them. Well, what better time to turn it all into a three way, with these two hot teens almost more interested in getting each other off than dealing with his cock. Plenty of hot fucking, and the girls take turns getting banged doggy style while the other girl rims them, licking their asshole and really making each other cum like crazy. Naughty, nasty, and more than a little horny, these ballerinas turn out to be the prefect place to dump a huge load of cum. Who would have known?

Pussy Licking Schoolgirls Caught in the Act

Now here is a dude in a state of shock, catching the hotty girl he has been chasing on her bed getting licked out by her best girlfriend! Check out his story:

I had a feeling there was something going on with Ashlyn. I was trying so hard to be cool with her, but she kept coming up with excuses to not hang with me. I got fed up and went over to here house. I was surprised to see her friend in between her legs. She was totally licking my girls pussy. I did not know what to say. I walked in and surprised both of them. She felt bad that she was blowing me off for her girlfriend, so she asked if I wanted to join in to make up for it. I did not even think twice. I fucked them both and made sure they would not leave me out of the loop again. I gave Ashlyn a few good ass smacks while my dick was deep inside her friend. After I splattered my load on their faces they licked it off each other

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Teen Ashlynn Loves The Cock

Some teens have to be talked into fucking, others are the easiest lays in the world. Ashlynn isn’t the easiest, but damn if she isn’t in the running! Her parents are out of town, and she had a big party at the house last night that bugged all the neighbors. The guy next door comes over to talk to her about it, and when she realizes he might tell her parents about the party, this 18 year old does what comes naturally, she gets down on her knees and sucks his fat cock, hoping he won’t tell! After nailing a piece of teen ass like her, I wouldn’t be able to talk, so maybe it’s a good plan!

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