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Horny Teen Mekellah Loves The Cock

I always think it is such a hot scene when a girl is sucking cock and fingering herself at the same time. A girl so horny and so into sucking cock, that it is turning her on to the point that she needs to play with herself. Fucking hot! Mekellah is a cute latina 18 year old who was doing some stuff when a friend of her brothers passed by to return a book to him but he wasnt there at the moment he arrived. Now Mekeilah was having some difficulty grasping the homework she was studying and asked her brothers friend for some help. Well lets just say he gave her more than a helping hand, he gave her a mouth full of cock and she grasped that completely! Mekeilah forgot all about the book work and started doing some cock work! I think she received an A for her in depth hands on experience!

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