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Mallory Finds a Big Cock in her Bed

Usually when you find something in your bed its a crumb or a remote control or some shit like that. Well, Mallory has a brother who had a party and let his friend sleep in her bed because he was [words redacted]. Guess what Mallory found in her bed when she got home from school the next day? Thats right. But not only was he interloping, he was butt ass naked. She was all set to kick Voodoos nude, hung over, [word redacted] holding ass out of her house when she stumbled upon the heft of his dick. She could not help herself and woke him up with a good afternoon blowjob that stood him at attention. She dropped trou and got on the dick quick, was poked nicely and she even got her pierced nipples pleasured. Hotness ensued and she begged for the baby batter to be blown into her boot. How could any man say no?

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