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Melanie and Amia Share a Cock

Some teen girls are just so naughty, check out what happens when Amia decides to get her boyfriend a special birthday present:

My girl told me to come over for a birthday surprise. I told her I would, but I do not like surprises. When I got to her house she blind folded me. I was kind of uncomfortable until she started rubbing on me. I had a feeling something was going on when I tasted two different flavors of lip gloss. I had to take off the blind fold when I felt extras hands on my cock. It was definitely a happy birthday surprise for me. My girl and her friend were the perfect combo. Both their teen pussies were so tight. They had nice clean asses and loved to have them licked. I am so glad my girl is as freaky as she is to let me fuck her friend. I wish I had a birthday every day.

It doesn’t hurt that Amia really wants to make out with her friend too, they end up kissing and feeling each other up and more too, so it’s all good all around. I wish it was my birthday, don’t you?

Melanie Pays Boyfriends Debt with her Ass

What a girl won’t do to keep her boyfriend from getting in trouble, check out this story:

I go to this house to collect a debt of mine, only to find out that the guy does not live there. A hot young girl tries to find where her boyfriend is, but he is a scared little pussy. I was pretty pissed off at this point, so I got ready to leave when Melanie stopped me. She said the best way to hurt Johny is to fuck her. She looked so young. I had to ask how old she was. She was a hot to trot eighteen year old that needed a real man. She grabbed my bat and put in between hers legs. It was game on. I hit a home run with this tight package. She never had a real man with a big cock to fuck, so she did not care about her loser boyfriend anymore. I coated her face with my load and told her to give Johny a nice big kiss for me

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