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Victoria and Erica Share Her Boyfriend

Victoria had a surprise for her boyfriend on his birthday. She blindfolded him and got her friend, Erica, who was hiding behind a couch. They took turns kissing and sucking his cock. He finally realized it was two girls once they both started sucking his cock at the same time. He had a great birthday present and pounded both of their pussies. He even gets to fuck one as the other sits on his face, getting her teen pussy licking out. He covers Ericas face with his man milk and the girls end up kissing deeply and sharing his load of goo! Now that’s the sort of birthday present he will never forget!

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Rich Bitch Teens Get The Limo Drivers Cock

This is just fucking awesome. Aiden and Aspen are two rich bitch teens, use to getting their way and use to using power to get it. They are both hotties, and they are horny for some cock. They heard that their studly limo driver is packing some serious cock, and they decide to find out. He doesn’t want to, because he can’t afford to lose his job, but they blackmail him into it and in the end, it’s all good for everyone. These two teen girls are horny as fuck, and they really work the limo driver’s big cock like a toy. They are particularly good at the oral end of things, one sucking his cock and the other licking and sucking on his balls at the same time. They share that cock all the way including the massive cumshot!

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Dorm Girls Spanked and Fucked By Teacher

When we last left our sexy dorm girls, they had just initiated a new girl into the group. 2 of the girls escaped with their guy friend, but two of the girls got caught by a teacher for having friends in their room without permission. Well, he decides they need a good spanking, and that is where the fun starts. See, the girls didn’t have time to put their panties back on, so when he pulls up their skirts to get them ready for spanking, he is exposed to bare asses and teen pussy. He sees this is going to be good, but doesn’t let on. He spanks each of the girl (and cops some feels too) and then it’s game on as the girls end up sucking his cock, and then they all fuck. I love it when one girl is riding his cock and the other is riding his face. Talk about the perfect teen threeway fantasy. I would love to teach the horny teen girls at this school!

Rebecca Gives Kasey Blowjobs Lessons

Kasey was hanging out with her friend, Rebecca, telling her how her boyfriend wanted to leave her because she did not know how to suck his dick properly. He wanted good head, and Kasey has no clue how to suck him off properly. Rebecca had the brilliant idea of showing Kasey how true dick sucking is done by demonstrating with her boyfriend, Bill. Bill came over shortly after, and Rebecca began sucking and licking his cock as Kasey watched closely. Rebecca was thoroughly explaining what she was doing with the cock, and Kasey was getting very horny watching. Kasey began to masturbate while Rebecca was going to town on that dick, really giving him a good work over. Kasey joined in on the action after some persuasion. They began by sucking the dick together. Bill flips them around and returns the favor, fucking Rebecca’s teen twat while eating out Kasey’s pussy and ass from behind. Kasey and Rebecca took turns getting their sweet pussies pounded, and they are making out and kissing too! They get to share the cum at the end, I think more blow job lessons are going to come soon!

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Heather and Tara Share a Cock and Each Other

Tara Lynn Foxx and Heather Starlet are two stunning teens that are prefect together. In fact, they are sort of in love, it seems, and ready for some lesbo fun. But they really want some cock, so they invite over a friend and turn it into a wild threeway. they drive the guy wild with their girl action, they are kising and licking and making out and he is licking and poking at them too. He even sets them up in a doggy style chain, fucking Heather’s sweet pussy from behind as she eats out Tara, causing everyone to have a nice orgasm. Can you imagine a hot 18 year old inviting you over to fuck her hot friend while she gets licked out? Damn, naughty teens!

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Wild Pure18 Teen Ballerina Threeway

Now this is a fantasy that I can get into. Pure18 scores a wild scene with not one but two sexy teen ballerinas, who aren’t so much into dancing on their toes as much as doing the horizontal mambo. These girls are all over each other in a quiet back room, when our intrepid lucky dude stumbles upon them. Well, what better time to turn it all into a three way, with these two hot teens almost more interested in getting each other off than dealing with his cock. Plenty of hot fucking, and the girls take turns getting banged doggy style while the other girl rims them, licking their asshole and really making each other cum like crazy. Naughty, nasty, and more than a little horny, these ballerinas turn out to be the prefect place to dump a huge load of cum. Who would have known?

Tanner and Madison Emergency Call

What do you get when two hotty teens call up with an Emergency? Check this out:

Tanner called me up saying she needed me for an emergency. I was thinking to myself, what now. I met her and Madison at her house. She made a bet with Madison that I could not fit in Madisons ass. This was not quite the emergency I was thinking it was, but I am glad I stopped by. I fucked Tanner to satisfy her before I ass fucked her girlfriend. Tanner grabbed my cock and slowly stuffed it in Madisons ass. I fit just fine. It fit so well that she did not even scream. I think we are going to work on Tanners ass in the future

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Pussy Licking Schoolgirls Caught in the Act

Now here is a dude in a state of shock, catching the hotty girl he has been chasing on her bed getting licked out by her best girlfriend! Check out his story:

I had a feeling there was something going on with Ashlyn. I was trying so hard to be cool with her, but she kept coming up with excuses to not hang with me. I got fed up and went over to here house. I was surprised to see her friend in between her legs. She was totally licking my girls pussy. I did not know what to say. I walked in and surprised both of them. She felt bad that she was blowing me off for her girlfriend, so she asked if I wanted to join in to make up for it. I did not even think twice. I fucked them both and made sure they would not leave me out of the loop again. I gave Ashlyn a few good ass smacks while my dick was deep inside her friend. After I splattered my load on their faces they licked it off each other

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