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Lara Brookes The After School Quickie

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ara rushed home with her older boyfriend when she found out her mom was going to be working late again and her dad was still out of town on a business trip. She quickly ushered him into her room that she shared with her sister and threw him onto the bottom bunk. They started making out but Lara did not want to risk getting caught and figured the sooner they get it on, the easier it will be to get away with it. So this is one great hot hardcore after school quickie, Lara Brooks has an amazing petite body with some nice sized tits and a shaved twat, and somehow she manages to take all of his big cock into her teen twat. She’s really into it, and she doesn’t flinch when he whips his cock out to blow his load all over face! Good girl, now clean up before Mom gets home!

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