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Cute Teen Charlie Gets Eaten and Boned

Sometimes good things happen without anyone intending them to happen, check out the story of tiny tits teen Charlie and her big cock adventure:

Clark came to stay at his old friends place, but he was at work and only his sister, Charlie, was home. Charlie let him in and showed him to the guest room. Clark laid down from the long trip and began to rub one out. Charlie came in to bring him a sandwich and caught him jerking off. She immediately went to her bedroom, where Clark came in to talk it over with her. He apologized for his actions and she said it was ok because she enjoyed looking at his cock. In fact, she would not mind seeing it again, so he showed it to her again and she wanted to shove it in her mouth. He made sure she was eighteen before he stuffed his cock down her throat and pounded her sweet pussy.

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