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Khloe Rush Has Pussy On Credit

Khloe Rush had a credit card that her fathers friend, Voodoo, left at her house. He came over and found her in her bedroom, where he asked her about the card and she told him to have a seat on her bed. She told him that she found the credit card, but lost it again. After a moment, she told him that she remembered that she put the credit card in her panties. She told him if he really wanted it, he needed to grab it himself. She told him not to worry about her father and that she was eighteen. He carefully grabbed the card and quickly noticed how wet her sweet pussy was. He could not help himself, but to play with her juicy teen pussy. She stuck her bubble butt in the air and he licked her sweet pussy and asshole and really got her going! She returns the favor by sucking his big cock and then it’s fucking time, and this teen proves that she is the match for Voodoo’s big cock! Great fucking here, and Khloe ends up with a face full of cum! Hot fucking action, Khloe Rush is certainly a credit to hardcore teen fucking!

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