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Pure18 Teen Erin Eats Her Teacher

America is falling behind in education stats. Were down in math and science and something needs to be done. Erin doesnt want to be part of that alarming statistic any longer. Her poor math grades are not going to hold her back from graduation and college. She has a plan. Shes going to get her teacher to tutor her… He showed up, promptly as any numers guy should, but he was tricked into her bedroom because of his own weak subject which is the English language and its nuances. He didnt read between the lines when Erin said to go to her bedroom to study and he got himself in a problem that only sticking his big mathmatic dick in the negative space between her thighs could solve. This was no multiple choice or true or false exam, either. It was oral and everything had to be worked out right there. On the spot. The spot happened to be Erins G spot and at the end of the day a lot of numbers were crunched, but not a lot of studying was done. Of course, after swallowing millions of tiny math teachers, she can always say she ate her homework, or at least swallowed it!

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